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Gallery of Completed Projects

The Affordable Complete Kitchen Project

houston kitchen cabinetry services

Description: Customer had a limited budget, and after discussing the budget and wishes we were able to come up with a design, we fit products under the budget. We designed, install it and our customer was extremely happy.

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1980 Kitchen Complete Remodel

houston showers design installation

Description: We replaced all the cabinets with maple cabinets. Granite countertops tumble marble backsplash and new appliances.


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Dream Cherry Kitchen

houston showers design installation

Description: We put cabinets all the way to the ceiling, granite countertop, appliances,


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Contemporary Kitchen

houston showers design installation

Description: Contemporary modern styling. We used cherry cabinets, three different finishes of granite countertop. Four different types of backplash including stained steel.


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Back Splashes

houston showers design installation

Description: Different types of back splashes and ideas.


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houston showers design installation

Description: Different types of showers.


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Mouldings and Details

houston showers design installation

Description: Different types of mouldings and details.


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