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  • “I had a great time choosing my cabinets. At first, I had no idea what to even consider when purchasing cabinets, but both Mike & Mark helped me understand what I needed to know, in order to make a good decision. They walked me through the entire process, it was almost like they know what you’re going to say next. They are like the Cabinet Kings of Houston ” The Jefferson Family
  • “An installer came over whistling the tune from Dixie, I greeted him and he began working on my new Kitchen. As I was trying to work in the next room, I found the sound aggravating. Now, however I am whistling Dixie every morning thanks to my Beautiful Kitchen. It feels great to have the kitchen I always wanted, everything is just so neat and perfect. ” The Clarke Family
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Your Dream Bathroom

We have always thought that the bathroom is one of the more important rooms in the whole house. Especially if you have a large family, you may feel like the only alone time you get, is the time that you spend in the bathroom. The Showroom feels that you deserve to be treated like royalty in the comfort of your own bathroom. Enjoy all the elegant selections and options to choose from only available from The Showroom.

The following are examples of what The Kitchen & Bath Showroom can do for you:

Bathroom Vanities

houston bathroom vanities installation design

Our Vanity store has many stand alone vanities to choose from, however The Showroom also specializes in making the most from custom cabinets that we can design together to meet the needs of your family and thier bathrooms. Always remember that the Vanity is the largest peice of furniture in your bathroom and can really make a statement about the motif and decor of the bathroom.


houston tile installation

Tile is an important element of your entire bathroom. When choosing a tile scheme the process can be daughnting alone, however with the help of a qualified and skilled professional in the great wide world of bathroom tile, you can be sure to make the right decision based on the right information. The tile in your bathroom sets the mood for the entire decor of you bathroom. It’s a good idea to bring out the colors in your favorite decorations from around your bathroom.

Showers and Tubs

houston shower installation design remodeling

Nothing comes close to the beauty that a shower brings to your bathroom. If you are looking for a great remodeling idea that is sure to raise the value of your home, consider starting with a walk in steam shower. The steam shower is the latest favorite among new home buyers and families with plans to remodel their homes. The Showroom offers all the latest styles in shower heads and turn nobs available today. We carry all the latest designs for the greatest brands.

The Kitchen & Bath Showroom has a wide variety of tub and shower options to suit everyone’s contemporary to modern taste. Our tub-shower combinations are available in one-piece or multi-piece options. We also offer shower doors, shower heads, faucets, body sprays and beautiful assorted shades of color and textures for the tub and shower wall to compliment your design. We carry top name brands with the latest designs for your hardware from Delta, Kohler, Moen, Price Pfister, Myson, Blanco and the list goes on. Every job is complete to make sure the look is not only on top but the beauty is standing on a firm foundation.


houston counter tops

The main thing about Showroom counter tops is durability and strength. The Showroom selects each slab of stone from the yard individually. The Showroom also carries all the latest styles in eco friendly counter tops as well. Take a deeper look into some of the great things you can do with the design of your counter tops. There are very many options to choose from, be sure and give us a call to walk you through it.