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  • “I had a great time choosing my cabinets. At first, I had no idea what to even consider when purchasing cabinets, but both Mike & Mark helped me understand what I needed to know, in order to make a good decision. They walked me through the entire process, it was almost like they know what you’re going to say next. They are like the Cabinet Kings of Houston ” The Jefferson Family
  • “An installer came over whistling the tune from Dixie, I greeted him and he began working on my new Kitchen. As I was trying to work in the next room, I found the sound aggravating. Now, however I am whistling Dixie every morning thanks to my Beautiful Kitchen. It feels great to have the kitchen I always wanted, everything is just so neat and perfect. ” The Clarke Family
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Design Services

Any project that you might want will depend on the design phase. Even if your project is simple you need to have a good working design. The design will affect the pricing of the final product.
The showroom offers different levels of design services.

  1. Meeting with customer for general scope of work with no charge

  2. Detail Estimate $750 charge

  3. Comprehensive design and estimate $1500

  4. Larger designs may require additional fees.

50% of the design fee will be applied towards your project.

Example 3d Design Example 3d Design
Example Blue Print